About me…

ASD: A Mom’s Perspective

My life changed in November 2015. It fell apart, it came together. I was relieved, I was devastated. My daughter, my beautiful, funny, smart, quirky, temperamental, difficult 11-year-old daughter, was diagnosed with Autism.

This blog is entirely my perspective. I cannot speak for my husband. I cannot speak for my other daughter, who was 10 at the time. And, I certainly cannot speak for Paige, who wept and was crushed by that diagnosis, meted out so matter-of-factly by the doctor after a grueling 3-hour consultation in a cold and dreary office in Canada’s equally cold and dreary capital city.

I can only speak from my perspective. I hope that my blog will bring light and hope to those parents who feel isolated, depressed, and lost. I am not an expert if that word is defined by a doctorate or years of experience working with people of the ASD spectrum. I am, however, someone who has lived for the past 12, almost 13 years, with a child who has brought me great joy and great worry. A child who is the centre of my universe. A child who is Autistic.

I decided to start this blog out of my own desire to find answers, but more importantly, to reach out and connect with other parents of Autistic children. I don’t know of a lonelier place than the one I have found myself in for the past 12 years. Having a child on the ASD spectrum changes every aspect of your life. It has made me question myself and my purpose here on earth daily. While it is not all doom and gloom, it has more than its share. I want to take the challenges I face, and use what I learn from them to help others.  I hope that parents who share my struggles will find comfort here. I also hope that family and friends of parents with children on the spectrum will gain insight into the heartaches and hurdles we face and ideas to help their loved ones. Most of all, I hope that it is funny, informative, and comforting to anyone who is hurting because someone they love is on the spectrum.


Sending you love, hugs, and positive energy.

Inga xo